We Are Motiga...

First, the facts: We’re an independent game studio based in Bellevue, Wash., working on Gigantic, a PC team action game where heroes battle alongside a massive guardian in a fight for supremacy.

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We’ve been working on Gigantic for more than two years, covering the walls in code flowcharts and concept art, brewing countless cups of coffee, and shouting with joy as we playtest the game every afternoon. If you’re a gamer, you’ll feel right at home here.

Core Principles

TEAMWORK — Collaboration isn’t just a buzzword. It’s the foundation of our work, because a good idea can come from anyone.

PASSION — We love to immerse ourselves in our individual crafts: art, code, and design. “Good enough” is never good enough. We’re always iterating, revising, and polishing to improve every aspect of the game.

FUN — It’s fun to make fun games! We design our games to have fun in their DNA: vivid visuals and deep gameplay, held together with rock-solid architecture.

Our Story

The tale of Motiga began in August 2010 with a mission: make core game experiences that are accessible and fun. Since early 2012, we’ve been heads-down working on Gigantic, and we couldn’t be more excited. Along the way we’ve assembled some of the top talents in the industry, and all of us pour our passion into the game every day. Connect with us to get inside info on all things Motiga.