31 Jul Systems of Immersion

DevOps Engineer Lars Sommer talks about the value of immersion and how reliable systems make everything ride more smoothly. More >

08 Jul The Artful Use of Data

Business Intelligence and analytics manager Ian Brillembourg turns raw data into game improvements—with a side order of cool-looking charts. More >

03 Jun A Proud Motigan

Illustrator Lexxy Douglass tells us how working at Motiga is both thrilling…and kinda inevitable, given her geek heritage. More >

20 May Oh, It's ON!

Wow, what a great time to be a Motigan! Over the last few weeks we’ve been incredibly busy on several fronts. Some things I can talk about, but others I can only vaguely hint at—in ways that will vex and frustrate gamers who are dying to know what we are working on. More >